Goose Patrol offers visits with a trained dog and handler to haze (scare) geese from your property. We use repeated visits at variable times to keep geese on edge. Geese see our dogs as natural predators and learn to avoid your property, seeing it as a dangerous place to be. Visits are often scheduled throughout the year, at varying frequencies, in order to discourage geese from returning on a regular basis.

Egg addling

Egg addling is a humane way to control the population of geese on your property. We recommend this service for those with nesting pairs on their properties to control their population and reduce the time that geese are spending on your property. This service is provided free of charge to any property with a goose control contract.


Temporary fencing can be used to exclude geese during the molting season, usually mid-June to mid-July. Geese often nest on one property and walk to others, fencing can help exclude these visitors as well, encouraging them to find another location to raise their young.

More permanent fencing can also be installed around ponds or along other bodies of water, forcing geese to fly over the fence all year long, this can help to discourage geese from using certain areas for feeding. It can also encourage plants to grow, creating a natural barrier for geese as well.